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What about doubles?

What about doubles?

We've had quite a few queries about when we are going to add double and king sizes to our bed collection and there are several points to consider when it comes to sizing in (linen) bedding:

1. Of course we would love to offer all sizes, BUT it transpires that there are no internationally uniform measurements, there are even variations within countries. A double duvet in Sweden is 220x220, whereas in the UK it is 200x200, and in the US a Queen is 223x223 and the list goes on. Flat sheets have an even wider variation, and pillows vary too. The most common size is the standard single (US Twin), which even though it varies the differences are smaller. That is the reason why we chose singles as our starting point.

2. As we pride ourselves on utilising only EU-certified linen (from Belgium/France/Holland) there are limits to availability, and what we have found is that there quite a lot less woven fabric available in widths exceeding 230cm, which are needed in order to make larger bed sheets. So we are also finding it difficult to source the appropriate fabric size at a reasonable price.

3. Minimum quantities, or MOQ's for short. The dreaded words for any small brand. When ordering minimum quantity batches we are still facing quantities much higher than what we would like. As with most real and tangible products we more often than not need to pay the supplier before we sell any of the goods, and that can be crippling.

4. With our zero waste goal we cannot simply purchase a wider width and do all our sizes from that, the fabric usage needs to be optimised and our products designed, in a sense, to fit the material in order to minimise waste. Hence we need to purchase more than one width of fabric to fulfil different size needs.

However, we are working on it, and are exploring options that could potentially facilitate a small run of doubles for next year. Cross your fingers!

xx Linda

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